Friday, 11 May 2012

We're Here!

Well, we all made it, and we are all loving it. The flights were long, and uneventful, we arrived in Nairobi at night and were met by Jayne's wonderful friend Moses, as well as four of his friends. We spent the night just outside of the city, and were up early the next day to head back to the airport for our 30 minute flight to Kisumu. The baggage was a hassle, but overall only cost us around $120.00 which is fantastic.
We were picked up in Kisumu by Anna's friends Ken and Charles, and they brought us to Margaret's.
We have spent the last week getting to know our classes,
Jayne, Standard 7,
Chelsea, Standard 6,
Melanie, Standard 5,
Sarah, Standard 4,
and Anna has been spending time with Standard 8. Many of whom are her former students.
We are all teaching Science, P.E., and English, but Jayne's also taught a few Math classes as well!
We have all felt so welcome and at home, none of us want to come back!
We have been lucky that it has not been as hot as when Anna was here last, but it is still hot to us.
The students are incredible. They work hard on empty stomaches and exhausted bodies. School starts at 6"00am sharp. They come to school with firewood, machetes, and water, and are prepared to clean classrooms, cut the grass with their knives and burn wood to make meals for the teachers. Their discipline is an incredible thing. It has been nice to have our classes and to have them begin opening up to us. Chelsea and I ( Jayne) have even had a mini dance party with our I-pods to demonstrate electricity. The simple things right?!
All in all this experience has been an eye opener and a pleasure. More than we could hope for. As teachers, and as people, we are growing more and more each day.

We are in Kisumu today buying a sewing a machine for one of the girls, as well as stocking the school's medical kits.  We have also met the two lovely children, John and Lydiah, who we sent to boarding school. They send their thanks and their love.

Again, we thank you for all of your support and kindness. 

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