Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Your donations helped give a special Christmas Gift

I would like to start by thanking all of you who have supported us in the past 3 months. The UVic Education program, Norm at 1550's Pub Style Restausrant, Maude Hunters, Oooh la la Cupcakes, Moka House on Cook, Bubbie Rose's, Starbucks, The Lefsrud Family, Social Club, Felicita's, and every single person who came to the events or donated to the cause.  Your generosity has not gone un-noticed, or un-appreciated. We have been in contact with Margaret Okello, the head of the Orphanage and FORWAC in Kenya, and have sent over $1500 for a special Christmas gift. I thought we should share with you where this money will be going.

This is taken directly from Margaret's e-mail to us....

"Thank you so much for the thought of making our Christmas good.

1500 C$ will be equivalent to Kenya Shillings 120,000, if the exchangerate is Ksh 80 to 1 C$:
Ksh 25,000will be given to Ulamba Primary School.
The Christmas gift for last was Ksh 20,000.  They used it to organize Education Day in February this year.  They want to use forthe same in February 2012.
Ksh 30,000 will be a Christmas gift to some 12 -15 families, so that they can have something better to eat for Christmas.
Ksh 8,000 will be a gift to some older college students.
Ksh 5,000 will be given to a university student who is in the course of completing his final year project.
This will be a total of Ksh 68,000, rounded up to Ksh 70,000. 
The balanceof 50,000 will be kept in the programme account to help us start off the year2012 – fees, books and/or uniform."

YOU have all made this possible. I know that we are extremely thankful to you all, and am now certain that the children and community of Ulamba Kenya are even more greatful. You are helping a wonderful cause and we cannot thank you enough for how much you are contributing.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and we all look forward to seeing you at more events in the New Year.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sponsor A Child

Education is the foundation to a child's success.  In Canada we are blessed with the opportunity to educate our children, however elsewhere in the world others are not so lucky.  In the village of Ulamba, Kenya, the cost of sending a child to school for a year is often more than a family can afford.  Many children in rural Kenya are orphaned and uncared for, dependent on the support of their relatives and community who struggle to provide for them.  Children without an education do not stand a chance of improving their quality of life, and the cycle of poverty and dependency continues.

The costs for tuition for the 2012 school year as estimated by FORWAC (Friends of Rural Women and Children):

    $100 for an elementary student
    $250 for a highschool student
    $500 for a highschool student boarding
    $750 for a college student

    We are hoping to pay for the tuition of as many students at Ulamba Primary as we possibly can, starting with those who need the support the most.  Please help us reach our goals and make a difference by getting together with your friends, family or co-workers and sponsor a child.  If you are interested please email, and make a difference!

Photo courtesy of Anna Lefsrud.

Around the World and Back Again

So school is done for the semester, and our event at Felicita's was even more fun than we'd hoped. Rumble in the Jungle also proved to be an entertaining night out for Sarah as well!
We dressed up for the occasion, and somehow were the only ones. Sarah was awesome and manned the door all night, while Jayne (card-dealer from Vegas), Mel (a Portugese dancer), and I (in my yukata) socialized and enjoyed the awesome music.

We arrived early to set up and The Archers were already there. They blew us all away with their talent.
Shahin looked like their manager, maybe you've found another career option, perhaps a job for the weekends?

The Archers...

...and fans!

Yay Colleen, you won the Lush basket!

Some friends enjoying the show.

Mel, Jayne, Chelsea, Sarah, and Anna (who was in Ulamba last year).

We have now surpassed a fifth of our goal, and are attempting to send money to the students in Ulamba for Christmas.
Thank you to everyone who came out to our events, and those who weren't able to come but still helped us in any way they could.
Thank you as well to Lush and 15/50's for their donations which were greatly appreciated.
Also, a big congratulations to Jordan Gordon who won the trip to Vegas.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Ticket Update

Just a quick update on the event at Felicita's. Jayne and I (Chelsea) will be selling tickets in the S.U.B. at UVic on Tuesday from 11-12, Thursday from 2:30-4:30, and Friday from 11:30-1:30. Mel has tickets as well if you see her around campus make sure to buy one.
There is now a facebook page, so please check it out if we haven't invited you on there yet. It's Around the World with Weak Patrol at Felicita's. Thanks to Caleb from Weak Patrol for setting up that event page. We are getting so excited!
Hope to see you all there.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Want A Free Trip to VEGAS?

Wel,l the semester is winding down for us, only one more week to go. Then we have a month to focus on fundraising, family, and delicous holiday food. This upcoming week will be a busy one for all of us. On Friday Rumble in the Jungle is happening at Social. Sarah has tickets on sale, and it's going to be an awesome night. Then on Saturday, December 3rd, it's Around the World at Felicita's. This is also going to be a fun night. We decided on Around the World beacuse someone will be going home that night with a trip to Vegas to plan, while we are planning our trip to Kenya. We are encouraging people to dress up in their most imaginitive worldy costume. Do you have a kimono in your closet? Or maybe a toga that hasn't been put on yet this year? Well, buy a ticket (only $5 in advance, $6 at the door), throw on your awesome outfit, and head to Felicita's. There will be door prizes and a prize for the most outrageous outfit.

Once again all the money we raise from ticket sales will be used towards improvements in Ulamba, and the students' education. If you're interested in buying a ticket please find one of us, Jayne, Chelsea, Melanie or Sarah. We will be selling tickets on Monday, November 28th from 10-11am in the Curriculum Lab in MacLaurin. We will be in there throughout the week, also we will pick a few times to be in the SUB, so let everyone know. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be an education student, or a student at all! Leave a comment on here if there's a good time for us to be selling tickets, or email us at for info or tickets for either night. (Go to both if you really need to party that weekend.)
Also, we have two awesome bands playing throughout the night, The Archers and Weak Patrol, both local, both fantastic. Thanks in advance guys!
Doors are at 8pm, trust us, you don't want to miss out.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bake Sale

Many thanks to Ooh La La Cupcakes for donating a generous amount of gorgeous cupcakes to our cause. We could not have reached our amount if it were not for you!

Shahin, not only our first buyer, but a huge asset to our fundraiser. 
Thank you Shahin.

Here they are. The fine people who made our fundraiser the succcess it was. Lauren, Emma, Danny,Shahin, Rachel, Kaycie, Brianna, Sarah, Taylor,Alicia, Erin, and all the rest, thank you. All these special people put so much love and energy into baking incredible baked goods for the bake sale. Lauren hand wrapped rice crispies drizzled with dark chocolate, as well as oatmeal and chocolate cookies, and placed a Dr. Suess quote on each individual treat! Shahin and Emma made homemade cupcakes which were iced with Canadian maple leaves. Brianna baked two full containers full of chocolate chip cookies, while Danny brought incredible homemade cakepops to the table. And, we can't forget about Taylor who's beautiful voice lured students into buying our baked goods.

Here is the lovely lay out! A HUGE thank you to Bubby Rose's and Mocha House on Cook Street. Mocha House donated the coffee, cups, and carob bars without hesitation, while Bubby Rose's was more than generous by contributing muffins, croissants, gluten free cupcakes, and cinnimon buns fresh from the oven.

Our customers were incredibly satisfied and your treats and caffine kept them coming back for more! Thank you. 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU  to each and every person who supported our cause by either donating, baking, or purchasing something at the Bake Sale. In the end, we raised over $700 dollars, which I would call a success!! The children in Ulamba will be more than grateful. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all of what you have done for us. I am thoroughly impressed and extremely happy to have people like you in my life.

You are all creating change and benefiting others in more ways than you know.

Thank you again.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bake Sale

Come on down to the David Lam Auditorium in the MacLaurin Building at UVIC for our bake sale. We have a  decadent selection of bakes goods, donated from Moka house, Bubby Roses,  and Ooh La La Cupcakes. We also have an  enormous selection of goodies baked by friends and colleges.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Let's Get Started

So this blog will be a place for the four of us, (Chelsea, Jayne, Melanie and Sarah) to record, as well as spread the word about, our plan to go to Ulamba, Kenya. We will be doing some intense fundraising over the next seven months. The girls who went to Ulamba two years ago were able to raise $10,000. We would like to do the same. With the help of our family, friends, school and community (and a lot of hard work) we can definitely make this happen.

Over the next few weeks we will be writing midterms, handing in papers and video assignments, while simultaneously planning our first fundraising event. It will most likely be a bake sale at the University of Victoria. We will be getting together this weekend to discuss logistics, and to talk about just how excited we all are. If anyone would like to contact us with questions, or with great fundraising ideas, or just to share stories of their own fundraising or trips to Africa, please feel free to leave a comment on our blog. If you leave your email we will be glad to write back to you.

We have had our first donation, and would like to thank Jill Britton from Camosun College. Jayne, Melanie  and I (Chelsea) had the pleasure of being in Jill's math class at Camosun last year. She has kindly donated a box of kite kits as well as sponge painting materials. We will be able to use these materials to teach math through art to our future students in Ulamba. Thank you very much Jill!