Sunday, 26 February 2012


Wow, I think that sums up the night. We had an amazing time at Boutique with our friends who came out to support us. We were able to sell all of our tickets, and want to thank the people at Boutique for helping us with our fundraiser. Our fundraising wouldn't be as successful without the support of the local businesses. There are an abundance of fundraisers happening in our community that are all great causes, and we want to thank you for supporting us in our efforts to help the community of Ulamba.
We are now focused on our final fundraiser which will be a Silent Auction at the Norway House on March 23rd. There will be more information to come, and we will be putting posters up around town, so be on the lookout!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Safari Party

We're gearing up for our Safari Party on Saturday at Boutique. We still have tickets for sale. $8.00, and we will be selling them in the Curriculum Library in the MacLaurin building tomorrow from 11:30-1:00.
We are getting our costumes/outfits together, so come dressed up for the Safari.
If you aren't able to get your tickets on Friday, we will still be selling them Saturday as well. Just send a text to 778-678-7961 to let us know you need a ticket and we can meet you before the party.
Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We Did It...

We sent the money to Margaret in Ulamba so that the two students described below can go to school. Thank you to those of you who have donated, these two wouldn't have been able to have this amazing opportunity if it hadn't been for your support. We hope to meet these two when we arrive in Ulamba, but are not sure as they will be going to boarding school. On that note, we have now booked our tickets!!!
We officially leave on May 3rd. So the count down is on. 86 days, that doesn't sound like enough. We are concentrating on our Bake Sale coming up this Friday, then on to our Safari Party at Boutique on February 25th, then our silent auction. I hope everyone is looking forward to that because it is coming together and going to be fun. We will post some times that we will be selling tickets. They are $8.00, get you in to an awesome party at Boutique, and all the proceeds are going to the kids. So we hope to see you all there.

Friday, 3 February 2012

These two Need Some Help... Can you be the one to reach out?

I have recieved this heartbreaking news from Margaret in Ulamba Kenya. Please take time to read about these children's difficulties. Any little bit will help them...

1.      John Odongo Aduda – a youthful 18 year old whobecause of hardship is just making it to 9th grade.  This is a normal age for most of our childrento join high school.  John came 2ndtop of his class with 371 marks out of 500. He has been invited to join a Boarding high school.  The fees is Kenya shillings 50,000 + 8,000 for personal requirements. He is secondlast in a family of 8.  None of hissiblings had gone to high school because of lack of money.  He was not going to join high school, butsomebody sent him and his mother to us, FORWAC. I feel that we should help him realize his dream of becoming adoctor.  John’s father died when he wasfour years old.  He lives with his motherwho is HIV+ and his other siblings.
2.      Lydia Awuor Walome – a girl of 14 years who is a total orphan.  Both her parents died successively when shewas two years old.  She has been livingwith one or the other of her poor relatives. She was top of her class with 312marks out of 500. She has been invited to join a Girls’ Boarding school she want to be a lawyer.  The fees here for the year is 35,000+8,000for personal requirements  Total for theyear for both students in boarding schools will be Ksh 100,000.
If we start to sponsor these students in the 9thgrade, we need to be sure that they will be able to continue until 12thgrade.  Otherwise they drop out.
Fees is a bit high this year because they has been feesincrease in nearly all the schools in Kenya. At the beginning of high school –9th grade, fees is normally very high because it included manyrequirements for boarding e.g. bedding articles that includes mattresses,blankets, sheets and also some books and uniform.  You will see some of these invitation letterswhen you come in May.
Alternative to boarding school is a day mixed high school –the total one year’s fees for the two will be Ks 46,000.  We shall accept whatever amount you will giveto us.  If we have our way I would have preferred a boarding school for each of them.

PLEASE consider donating to these deserving children.
All of your money will go directly to them.