Saturday, 21 April 2012

12 Days

The final countdown is on. We leave in twelve days. I think all of our nerves are beginning to show themselves. We will finally be doing what we've talked about for the last eight months.
On Wednesday we got together at Anna's house for dinner and Rose, who went to Ulamba with Anna, came as well. It was a welcome change to get together and not talk about fundraising as it seems that's all we've thought about, other than school.
All of our books and school supplies that we have accumulated are in Sarah's room waiting to be packed. We will have over 1000 pounds of luggage between the five of us. We have all had our final immunizations, are picking up our prescriptions just in case we get sick while we're there, and are buying our last few items that we need.
We are all still waiting for our passports to come back with our Visas, hopefully we will see them early next week so that we will feel like everything is ready to go.

Anna, Melanie, Rose, Jayne, Sarah, Chelsea

We will do another update before we head out, and we hope to be able to update everyone on here once a week while we are gone. 

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